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pale moon not working on

Post by wolfalexzemla » 2019-10-23, 19:39

when i am on some times my pale moon browser does not allow me to type text
and hitting the space bar autostarts a video posted by another user.
other users have the same problem

their support is puzzled but dont consider fixing it a high priority. pale moon works everywhere else on the net for me.
i use pclinuxos kde
pale moon 28.7.1 64 bit

here is the information and dialog i gave them

I use pale moon browser on linux. Sometimes i hit the space bar while trying to type something and a video starts to play. i have to hit the space bar again to stop it. Nothing has changed in my browser.
I was not able to paste this text into this post with keyboard shortcut ctrl v. (i had to right click and chose paste) sometimes i have to log out to get this to clear.?

I have discovered my browser had a recent update, so now i will see if the problem has stopped

well now, i found another minds user is having this problem

pasted from that other users help request



Working to fix this one, although it seems to be only happening to certain users. There is one GitBot report of this in our task management system, and I can confirm that one of our developers is seeking additional details. You can see that here:

Incidentally, at one time auto-playing YouTube videos in the feeds was once a feature request:

It seems that a secondary issue is that the videos that are auto-playing are often 4-5 posts down in the newsfeed, which is not ideal. Stay tuned for more details as we work on this


it is videos that auto play
i cant type in this post and using the space bar gives me the sound from a video i just watched on minds
so i am using my editor and pasting the text here. i updated my browser yesterday pale moon 28.7.1

another symptom:

I watch a video, for example dave cullen on star wars.
I stop the video to make a comment and when i click on the comment icon my screen jumps down several posts and i have to scroll back up to dave cullen's video

further testing
so now i have the sound from the halloween video and the sound from this video on hong kong
both play when i hit the space bar while trying to post a comment

Now i get music when i press the space bar. and hitting the space bar again gives me the sound from the hong kong video as well as the sound from dave cullen's terminator pre-preview. thats on another tab.
but i can type in this post at the moment

Hi! Thanks for the detailed report. As noted in my response that you pasted, we're working on resolving this issue. Part of the problem may be that you are using a non-standard browser. Do you experience the issue on a more mainline browser?

I am using iridium browser at the moment have not had a problem. not sure what non-standard means but i dont run with the main stream sheep. styxhexenhammer uses palemoon though. I like that browser so good luck

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Re: pale moon not working on

Post by Lew Rockwell Fan » 2020-02-07, 00:28

FWIW, I just logged into minds with a similar setup (PM 28.8.2 under plain Openbox (like LXDE minus the pointless complexity) under a custom light Ubuntu 18.04 installed from the mini.iso and commented under a video with no problem. This sounds kind of like a focus issue. Do you have to keep clicking in the comment field more than you should?

LOL at the last part. I totally agree with the sentiment, but it's still funny. What's the world coming to when a bare chested guy in a leather jacket who also likes to talk about shrooms and such is far more trustworthy that the impeccably dressed, ex-CIA dudes on legacy media?
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