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Slider Bars with arrows not visible on 28.4.1

Posted: 2019-07-04, 06:05
by cosmo666

Although I'm not sure which XUbuntu XFCE Settings parameter I changed that fixed this problem, it got fixed. Bottom-line: not related to Palemoon or any of its current themes.

On my 28.3.1 PaleMoon (Ubuntu 16.04) desktop, I have vertical and horizontal slider bars on the right side and bottom of the main browser page. On the right side, I have tree-style tabs. At the top and bottom of the slider bars there are small up/down arrow icons, which I routinely use when slowly scrolling through and reading a page. I like the fact that each click moves the page a relatively short distance down, so I'm not having to adjust it when the slider bar overshoots.

Right next to that workstation, I have a very similar one, but it happens to have Palemoon 28.4.1 installed. On that one, there are no up/down arrows on the scroll bar.

I went through and made sure they were each configured identically. All the same add-ons, and using the Moonola theme. However, the second machine is using Moonola 1.10.0 and the first is using Moonola 1.8.0.

I've pored over the about:config list, but I really don't even know what the correct way of describing this 'feature'. 'Manual mouse-clickable up/down scroll icons'?
I realize its a trivial bug, but slider bars are very imprecise. It may be a simple matter of knowing which config parameter to set/reset. Any help appreciated.

Re: Slider Bars with arrows not visible on 28.4.1

Posted: 2019-07-04, 11:31
by therube

These 28.3/4.1, are they the (Pale Moon) "unstable" releases, or are these specific to a Linux distro?

(Backup first.)

As a test, make a copy your non-working Profile, then open that in 28.3.1.
Does that work as expected?

(Make your copy & test in a "safe" manner, whatever works for you.)