Use tor impossible on palemoon ? Is Palemoon that Secure ?

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Use tor impossible on palemoon ? Is Palemoon that Secure ?

Post by zdmv09rzbtklezd8d » 2019-06-19, 19:26

Use tor impossible on palemoon ? Is Palemoon that secure ?

We need to refocus on the technique.

The technique that is requested in the post:
viewtopic.php?f=37&t=22321&sid=abb0c878 ... 2f331a0dba
(Captcha Cloudeflare)

is the need to use tor on palemoon.
Not using tor on palemoon considerably limits its use and users.

Please respond to the technique with technique.

I have archived the page viewtopic.php?f=37&t=22321&sid=abb0c878 ... 2f331a0dba on: ... ba&t=22321
and in other places.

If I see that I still cut off by the closure of a post for which no technical answer has been provided.
Then I will post this development on technical sites with a large audience but also on 'decentralized sites'.
Actually, I've already started posting.

With the subject why palemoon doesn't want to hear about tor. Is Palemoon that secure ?

In this post and maybe in videos as well,
I would also point out that it is impossible to register on the website
if we use the tor protocol.

Sure it'll stir a little.

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Re: Use tor impossible on palemoon ? Is Palemoon that Secure ?

Post by Moonchild » 2019-06-19, 19:45

... You can archive the forum pages all you want. It's public information.
Also, I will not remove the basic measures in place on the forum that prevents Tor exit node traffic from abusing it.
Your threats about making a stink about that on several sites will do absolutely nothing to change that fact. You have some nerve, though.

It's totally ridiculous that you end off with a deadline when you say you have already started posting, too.
No, I don't care that you have shielded your real IP through a French OVH server, either. It's your prerogative to use a proxy or VPN if you want, but Tor will remain restricted for obvious reasons.

Now, since you've come here and threatened me, I will show you the door and demand that you not come back.
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