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Tabs in titlebar

Posted: 2019-05-11, 06:40
by itsthisthreadagain
Is there any current working way to get tabs in my titlebar? The applicable old ff addons all seem to have been nuked. Tried installed htitle from github, no dice (expected). I set tabs in titlebar in about:config but it does nothing, same for userchrome.css. Nothing I've tried fixing. I had it working before with said old ff addons (htitle + hide caption titlebar plus + something else) but it was half broken (fine for me) but now those addons are AWOL.
I'm using MX Linux 18 with Xfce4, PM28.5.

Re: Tabs in titlebar

Posted: 2019-05-11, 14:06
by karlkracher
Same here. I even copied a profile from windows with working tabs in titlebar without success.

Xubuntu lts 18.04.2 32bit, xfce 4.12, pale moon 28.5.0

Re: Tabs in titlebar

Posted: 2019-05-11, 14:08
by Moonchild
I'm not sure if it is possible on Linux to do that.

Re: Tabs in titlebar

Posted: 2019-05-11, 14:40
by Lootyhoof
It's technically possible, in GTK3 (which AFAIK Pale Moon builds do not use) - though it requires extensive work on the platform to enable it, using Client-Side Decorations. This was released as part of Firefox 60, originally tracked on bug #513159 and ultimately worked on in meta-issue bug #1283299. I'm not much of a fan personally, but the information is out there at least. ;)

Also, even without the above work, it should still be possible for window managers to remove the titlebar when the window is maximised. Maybe this will be a sufficient workaround for you. :thumbup:

Re: Tabs in titlebar

Posted: 2019-05-13, 18:33
by trava90
It is not possible on Linux without using an extension.

You can get a working version of the Hide Caption Titlebar Plus extension from the Classic Add-ons Archive.