Basic auth, no keyboard focus/input

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Basic auth, no keyboard focus/input

Unread post by vandys » 2019-01-05, 14:58

I need to log in to a web site with HTTP auth in front of the wordpress wp-login.php page.
It's basically a site with HTTP Basic auth enforced by the .htaccess file.
The user/pass auth popup displays, but I can't get the keyboard focus into the dialog box;
so I can't type text into the user/pass fields of the dialog. Thus, can't log in. I can click the
buttons of the dialog box, it's just the text input which doesn't happen.

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Re: Basic auth, no keyboard focus/input

Unread post by pepalogik » 2019-01-11, 14:37

Perhaps someone will check it if you specify the URL.

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