Government Websites/Pale Moon Compatibility

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Government Websites/Pale Moon Compatibility

Unread post by cosmo666 » 2019-01-04, 02:21

I am posting this as an FYI, because I have no doubt the problem is not with Pale Moon, rather it is very likely some off-the-wall compatibility problem created by either the US Government IT-Wizards, or the symbiot private-contractors who feed off them...

(Xubuntu 16.04.5?, PaleMoon 28.2.0)

The gist: When I finally got an authorization code capable of activating my 'My Social Security' account at, it somehow managed to put Pale Moon in a full-screen mode which exceeded the boundaries of the display, such that certain controls (like the 'exit full-screen mode' box in the upper right corner) were invisible and inaccessible. I actually had to xterm-in to the machine I was using from another workstation and kill the Pale Moon task in order to regain control of the desktop. This only happened during the initial setup step. Subsequently, I was able to login to my account without losing control of the browser display space.

(Unless its something obvious, I don't think its even worth looking at.)

Re: PaleMoon 28.*

Can't say enough good about the Pale Moon product & project. The sure and steady pursuit of stability and intuitive coherence of the core app, and the re-establishment of a reliable add-on framework -- which respects the crucial role played by those who work that turf (FBO all of us who benefit so greatly from it) -- are what stands out most in my view.

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Re: Government Websites/Pale Moon Compatibility

Unread post by bgstack15 » 2019-01-04, 19:26

I understand how frustrating it is when software malfunctions and you cannot work the way you expect (and even normally do), especially when you are doing something as infrequent and as important as logging in to government websites.

I hate to ask really dumb questions, but just so the basics are indeed covered, did it look like the window when you press F11 on the keyboard? In my xfce (Fedora 28), pressing F11 is a default keybinding for "take the current window to full screen." Also did you get to try any ALT-TAB switching or other window switching? Also, in xfce (X11? xfwm? Most window managers?), ALT+F1 tends to be a keybinding for the window manager application launcher menu, which tends to be the same as the desktop right-click menu: Did you get to try that keypress?

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