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Google login, can't remember pwds.

Posted: 2018-11-19, 13:48
by Giorgos67
Hi! :wave:

I have problem with Google login.
It doesn't remember my pwds and I have to enter them every time I login, or copy-pasting from settings (saved pwds).

I have this problem only at Linux. At Windows works flawlessly.
I have the last Palemoon version (28.2.1), from Steve Pusser's repository, on Devuan ASCII x64 KDE.

Is it a bug?

Re: Google login, can't remember pwds.

Posted: 2018-12-02, 16:57
by Lew Rockwell Fan
For me, a similar issue appears to be not that passes don't fill in, but that they take a looooooong time to do so. Like minutes. I'm still investigating why this is. My issue comes and goes & isn't just one site, so yours may be totally different. Still, you might want to test the possibility. Being sure of exactly what's happening, would be a step toward fixing it. I use the extension "Open With" & occasionally have to open a page with Firefox to get it to work. Gmail hasn't been a problem for me though.