"List all tabs" is missing.

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"List all tabs" is missing.

Unread post by darkmoonuser » 2018-11-07, 07:21

x64 v28.1.0, Debian Stretch.

I used v26.x for a long time before upgrading, and I have three windows that still use the old layout. The new layout has a "List all Tabs" view which shows all windows in ordered blocks. The"new" version of this is a drop-down list. Also, I can't drag tabs ut of the current window to an independent window any longer. It just opens a new blank window. The Back/Forward and refresh buttons also do not work in the new UI. <alt>+<arrows> works, though.
Any idea on what might be going wrong here? I suppose the inactive UI buttons are a bug, but has the tiles tab view really been removed? I can't find it in customize. If a solution is not available, would it be possible to spawn multiple windows of the old kind?

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Re: "List all tabs" is missing.

Unread post by Moonchild » 2018-11-07, 08:58

The graphical tab switching pane most definitely has not been removed.
What is most likely going on here is that you have a tab manipulation extension that is not compatible with Pale Moon 28. Please check your extensions. Only extensions specifically compatible with 28 should be used as backwards compatibility with older Pale Moon and Firefox extensions is very limited. You probably need to get newer versions of some of them.
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