"Minimum font size" does not work?

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"Minimum font size" does not work?

Unread post by pthfdr » 2018-10-11, 02:15

I am using Anonymous Pro for all the pages due to it had embedded bitmaps at small sizes.
I have set the font size to 9 and the minimum size to 10, to ensure that it is using a 10pt font (except very large text like captions).
This is how Chromium handles it at 50% zoom, which is desired.
I used the following CSS to force Chromium to use AP:

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html *{line-height:1em!important;margin:0;padding-bottom:0;font-family:Anonymous Pro!important;max-width:none}
This is how PM handles it at 100% zoom.
It is only that size at 100% zoom.
This is how PM handles it at 50% zoom. The layout (arrow sizes) is what I desire, but the text is unreadable despite I have set a minimum font size.
Basically Minimum font size does not work.
EDIT: It looks like the minimum font size is relative to the zoom level. I set it to 20 and it works.
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