File/Print/Current Page greyed out

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File/Print/Current Page greyed out

Unread post by arky217 » 2018-10-08, 19:54

Running Palemoon 28.0.1.

Why would the selection 'Current Page' be greyed out
when you select File/Print ?

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Re: File/Print/Current Page greyed out

Unread post by ron_1 » 2018-10-08, 21:07

It's greyed out for me also (I use Linux as well). However, I don't really think this is a Pale Moon problem. I tested it on my wife's Windows computer and it doesn't even have the Current Page option. I think it's probably an OS / Desktop / Printing App bug (if it is even a bug or not). FWIW, it's greyed out also on Basilisk.