White unthemed areas

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White unthemed areas

Unread post by mr tribute » 2018-09-11, 16:27

Thought I would mention this. It has been mentioned before. Pale Moon for Linux v28 "suffers" from white pop up notifications (not sure that's the right description).

For example "Do you want to save password" notification is now white. It used to pull its color from the GTK 2 theme. And if you press the downloads button in the toolbar it displays a white menu. This also used to pull its color from the GTK 2 theme. Worst of all is the "bookmark this page" menu which also is white, but used to be themed by GTK 2.

It's a regression compared to PM v27 and can probably become annoying with a dark theme.

Maybe I made it sound like a bigger problem than it is, but it deserves its own thread.