open with external pdf, character fu

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open with external pdf, character fu

Unread postby biopsin » Thu, 07 Jun 2018, 09:12


I have been experiencing for a while nag while open with "any pdf viewer tested" downloading files from roundcube mail server (probably unreleated), while on dialog "You have chosen to open" a tmpfile is created example tfxahQDE.pdf.part.
Pressing OK creates 2 files "Bad og våtrom AB.pdf" 200K file and a "Bad og v�trom AB.pdf" 0 byte file and
for some reason the pdfviewer tries to open the last one and fails.
Happens also if I save the file..
Why are 2 files created one with correct character set and one not? Anyone else experienced this?

-rw-rw-r-- 1 userx userx 544K Jun 7 11:15 'Bad og våtrom AB - bilder.pdf'
-rw-r--r-- 1 userx userx 0 Jun 7 11:15 'Bad og v'$'\345''trom AB - bilder.pdf'
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Re: open with external pdf, character fu

Unread postby vannilla » Thu, 07 Jun 2018, 15:44

Maybe the PDF viewer doesn't support non-ASCII locales for whatever reason, and when it's run it reads a bogus name.
Or it could be that the system locale settings are interfering somehow.

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