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Bars' order of appearance in Linux Mint

Posted: 2018-02-03, 05:42
by ineuw
I am having a problem in stacking the Pale Moon bars in the "traditional order" in Linux Mint 18.3, 32bit. Currently the Menu bar is stuck between the Bookmarks bar and the Tabs on bottom I am unable to drag it to above the address bar In Customize mode. In addition, the "Open new Tab" control won't float alongside on the right of the open tabs, but is fixed either at the beginning or the end of the Tabs bar. An additional issue is that the any Preferences tab selection for opening a new tab doesn't stick and reverts to a blank page.

-- To be moved here --
Address/Navigation bar
Bookmarks bar
Menu bar <----------- current location
Tabs on bottom

Thanks in advance for helping to resolve the teething problems.

Re: Bars' order of appearance in Linux Mint

Posted: 2018-02-12, 04:55
by ineuw
The issue resolved itself by changing the Linux Mint theme.