Duplicating & backing up profiles

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Duplicating & backing up profiles

Postby gracious1 » Sat Aug 12, 2017 8:21 am

How does on go about duplicating a profile in PM (for Linux)? I need an exact copy.

I guess it would be the same backing up the profile (which I don't know how to do either), except that I want to be able to actively use both copies for testing and comparison. Thanks.
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Re: Duplicating & backing up profiles

Postby adesh » Sat Aug 12, 2017 9:12 am

  • Create a new "blank" profile using Profile Manager: palemoon -p
  • On Linux, your profiles are located under ~/.moonchild productions/pale moon in their separate directories. If you named your new profile "dupe", it will be located in a directory named "XXXXXXXX.dupe", where XX bit is a random string. To back up a profile you simply copy its directory to somewhere safe.
  • Now with Pale Moon closed, delete everything inside the "dupe" directory and copy the contents of your original (default) profile there. This transaction might look something like this:

    Code: Select all

    $ cd "~/.moonchild productions/pale moon"
    $ ls
    j38fcbyy.default  profiles.ini  wngotfnk.dupe
    $ rm -r wngotfnk.dupe/*
    $ cp -av j38fcbyy.default/* wngotfnk.dupe/

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