Problem opening webpages from the cmdline.

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Problem opening webpages from the cmdline.

Postby daggoth » Sat, 01 Jul 2017, 10:54

I am having trouble opening webpages from the cmdline. In my setup, I have two profiles "noscript" and "flash". With the following commands, I tried to open two instances of palemoon, one for each profile. And then I tried to open four webpages, two for each separate palemoon browser/profile. But in my case, all four webpages opened in the "noscript" browser. So I seems that my commands to open webpages in my "flash" profile/browser failed.

And why do I need to open webpages like this? Well, when my clipboard manager copies an url, it triggers a link menu. From there, I can decide whether to open with "noscript" or "flash" browser/profile. And that is my preferred workflow. So having shell commands correctly open webpages is what I need.

So I've tested the same commands with firefox-52.2, and it works as expected there. But I am new to Palemoon, and am still finding my way, so please advise. Is there a more consistent way to open webpages from the commandline when you have two separate palemoon browser/profiles open?

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$ source /etc/os-release && echo $PRETTY_NAME
Debian GNU/Linux 9 (stretch)

$ grep ^Name <profiles.ini

$ palemoon --new-instance -P noscript &
$ sleep 10
$ palemoon --new-instance -P flash &
$ sleep 10

$ palemoon -P flash    ; sleep 5
$ palemoon -P noscript     ; sleep 5
$ palemoon -P flash  ; sleep 5
$ palemoon -P noscript

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Re: Problem opening webpages from the cmdline.

Postby biopsin » Sat, 01 Jul 2017, 14:13

add -no-remote to cmdline to run several profiles at once

palemoon -P noscript -no-remote

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