palemoon 26 at some sites

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palemoon 26 at some sites

Post by suseuser04 » 2016-04-11, 17:14


I use palemoon x86_64 in openSUSE linux.
There is something strange with how palemoon opens "vatera" (Hungarian online bidding site) pages.
Palemoon <26, eg palemoon 25.7.3, opens the site,, normally as expected.
When I do a category change, the link (obtained from copy link location) is: ... html?obd=2
And the page where the link lands is:
This landing site shows a "normal" result view.

Palemoon 26, eg palemoon 26.2.1, opens normally.
But the same link as above ( ... html?obd=2) lands here: ... =159&obd=2
This landing site shows a different view from the above, and less functional.

Why does newer palemoon interpret the same link differently, or why the newer palemoon is redirected to another landing page? How could I fix this?



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Re: palemoon 26 at some sites

Post by trava90 » 2016-04-11, 17:20

The website thinks Pale Moon 26 is a mobile browser, and is redirecting to a mobile version of the site.

Check out this thread for more information: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=11576&p=81547


Re: palemoon 26 at some sites

Post by suseuser04 » 2016-04-12, 22:37

OK, I see.
Thank you for the links.