FossaMail updated to 25.1.1!

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FossaMail updated to 25.1.1!

Unread postby Moonchild » Sat, 14 Feb 2015, 13:35

FossaMail has just been updated to 25.1.1, a bugfix release to address some issues:

  • You will have to update lightning for this version in tandem. Important note is that you must uninstall the previous version of lightning when you install the 25.1.1 version! The new version will not automatically replace the old one because its identification has changed (to prevent a bug with its listing in the add-on manager). If you don't remove the old one, you will have two installations side by side which will conflict, leading to unpredictable results.
  • Extensions that use http traffic (e.g. to collect data from a service) might not have been able to properly work. This should now be fixed.
  • Google Calendar integration (events) has been fixed and should be working. Please note that synchronizing "tasks" with Google Calendar is not possible from FossaMail at this time.
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