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Looking for a new maintainer for FossaMail

Posted: 2017-03-11, 14:08
by Moonchild
As part of my investigation of work load and what I'm able to give proper attention, FossaMail has been falling through the cracks on more than a few occasions.

As such, I'm looking for a new maintainer. Someone who will take over development, support, releases and general publication of the client.

What I offer:
  • Full ownership of the FossaMail brand and trademarks
  • Full transfer of the related domain
What I require:
  • The new maintainer must keep the client in the general spirit of FossaMail (independent, vendor-neutral mail/news/chat client without in-app ads).
    Which code base(s) to build from will be up to new maintainer (no requirement to keep building from Pale Moon back-end).
  • Responsibility in terms of keeping users of the client safe with security updates.
  • A signed agreement for transfer and to bind to the requirements for development.
No compensation is required otherwise -- the Fossa just needs a better home.

Re: Looking for a new maintainer for FossaMail

Posted: 2017-04-10, 13:55
by Moonchild
One month down the road, there hasn't been anyone to respond to this, in any way, through any channel.

I guess that's as clear a signal as any.