Will there be a portable Fossamail build?

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Will there be a portable Fossamail build?

Post by Starchild » 2014-05-09, 06:46

I would love to have a portable build of FossaMail to compliment my portable installation of Pale Moon. Is that going to be a possibility in the future?

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Re: Will there be a portable Fossamail build?

Post by Night Wing » 2014-05-09, 12:07

Moonchild said he probably would make a portable Fossamail, but he didn't say when.

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Re: Will there be a portable Fossamail build?

Post by johnp » 2014-07-27, 00:10

Well, today's good. Switched from x32 firefox nightly to x64 nightly and can now run with 9GB vsize without lags or hangs which were pretty frequent in the last 3-4 nightly builds.
After updating my portable Thunderbird to 31x the same things happened, so I decided to switch my portable installation to FossaMail x64.
Unfortunately FossaMail is still at 24x to the user interface looks somewhat clunky in comparison to 31x, but it is fast as hell. Also decrypting PGP encrypted mails now takes about half a sec instead of three to four, which really has an impact on my workflow.

Anyway, so much for introduction, here are the steps to get a portable FossaMail:
  1. I'm using the Thunderbird-Portable launcher from gnupt.de, a german website, which includes Enigmail and a portable GnuPG.
    Download it here and extract it to the location where you want you're portable installation to live (ofc you can move it later too).
  2. Start Thunderbird-Portable.exe once. It'll download the current Thunderbird version, Enigmail and GnuPG. You can also easily import a new profile now. Just remember to rename the profile folder later according to the .ini modifications.
  3. Download FossaMail (v24, x64 or x86), extract the installer with 7zip and copy the core folder to the location of your portable installation. Then rename it from core to FossaMail24x.
  4. Go into the FossaMail24x folder and either rename the FossaMail.exe to thunderbird.exe or create a symbolic link from thunderbird.exe to FossaMail.exe if you want your TaskManager to show FossaMail instead of Thunderbird (like me).
  5. Copy the TB31xStart.cmd and rename the copy to FM24xStart.cmd.
  6. Open the copy with Notepad(++) and edit it like that (ll.62ff):

    Code: Select all

    REM The major version of Thunderbird-configure
    ECHO Thunderbirdversion=24x >> Thunderbird-Portable.ini
    REM Configure the Thunderbird folder
    ECHO Thunderbirdordner=FossaMail24x >> Thunderbird-Portable.ini
    REM Configure the profile folder
    ECHO Profilordner=FossaMail24x-Profil >> Thunderbird-Portable.ini
  7. Start FossaMail once with the FM24xStart.cmd. This will modify the Thunderbird-Portable.ini, so that the launcher .exe will from now on start FossaMail as a portable app.
Unfortunately because FossaMail is still at version 24 the launcher will show an update available notification which you have to ignore. I'm not sure if it'd be wise to disable the updater altogether, because Enigmail and GnuPG updates are handled by it too, but that's up to you.

Anyway I'll attach this first easy & hacked version of portable FossaMail so anyone can just download it and import a profile. The attached version is the x64 one, if you want x86 just download the x86 FossaMail installer, extract and replace according to the instructions point 3.

Edit: Unfortunately nginx won't let me upload the ~27MB archive (413 Request Entity Too Large)... obviously client_max_body_size is set to default 20MB in the nginx configuration.

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Uploaded to Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzYNRH ... sp=sharing


Re: Will there be a portable Fossamail build?

Post by Wezarus » 2015-05-24, 19:47

Moonchild, are there any news about an official portable Fossamail build? Or have you abandoned the idea for now/altogether?


Re: Will there be a portable Fossamail build?

Post by freefrog » 2015-07-17, 02:30

+1 for portable FossaMail build

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Re: Will there be a portable Fossamail build?

Post by RolandRackham » 2015-08-11, 18:14

BLUF: For me, the lack of a Portable Option is an automatic deal-breaker.

I've recently started experimenting w/ Fossamail as a replacement for Thunderbird. Despite FM's better feel, I'll be staying w/ TB for the time being.