Fossamail for XP x86 and x64 [Server 2003]

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Fossamail for XP x86 and x64 [Server 2003]

Postby d3v14n7 » Sun, 14 Aug 2016, 08:40

Okay, so a lot of folk say the "XP"s are dead but, the way I always run them, they're clean, concise, multi-purpose, fully-functioning OSes with a high level of HW compatibility.
I now use XP OSes as a fallback for specific tasks, as I use certain Linux OSes for others.
There is nothing wrong with those OSes and they are not more vulnerable to probing, data-harvesting or being hijacked to become a bot-net attack node than any other OS as long as you disable all MS' own backdoor ports, services and scripting vulnerabilities which they included with the intent of serving themselves.

I've currently installed Thunderbird to my primary XP x64 environment as there is no available Fossamail alternative - even an x86 one.

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Re: Fossamail for XP x86 and x64 [Server 2003]

Postby Moonchild » Sun, 14 Aug 2016, 08:44

FossaMail has never targeted Windows XP or other NT5 platforms, from day 1.
I'm definitely not going to add support for it now, postmortem.
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Re: Fossamail for XP x86 and x64 [Server 2003]

Postby dark_moon » Sun, 14 Aug 2016, 08:57

I can't understand why people don't move away from NT5. Its dead.

And no, just disable a few services doesn't make NT5 secure enough. The security bugs exist and no setting or programm can fix this.
So update to a system which get security updates or your whole security is in extreme danger.
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