Extension Idea: Shopping Lists and Notes

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Extension Idea: Shopping Lists and Notes

Unread post by CharmCityCrab » 2015-12-18, 20:33

On Android, I use a "shopping list application:

https://play.google.com/store/apps/deta ... s.shopping

One can add groceries or other items one is running out of or means to buy at a later time and then have the list available on the phone when shopping for items and hit the button to cross off each item as it's added to one's cart. One can maintain multiple lists for different purposes (i.e. groceries, grooming and household products, etc.).

I was thinking a function like this might be a natural as an extension or a feature for FossaMail and Lightning, considering that many people do a lot of shopping from their computer nowadays. This would ensure their list for things they might buy online is always available to them when they are at the computer where they typically purchase things. Even better would be if it could be integrated to sync with the app above or a similar app for Android, the way FossaMail's Lightning Calendar syncs with Google Calendar and others, so you have one list for both platforms even though the platforms are owned, coded, and maintained by different companies or organizations.

Also, a note taking feature that could sync with Google Keep, EverNote, or OneNote might also be worth considering.

These type of things seem like natural things to associate with a calendar- the way people used to keep datebooks and later Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) that sometimes had both a calendar as well as to-do lists and grocery lists and note taking pages and so on and so forth.

I could see potentially even offering a "FossaSuite" where people can download everything at once (optionally) and add separate icons for each thing (A function that as far as I'm aware doesn't exist between mail and calendar right now- you have to click on mail to get to calendar- maybe that should be a it's own feature suggestion :) ).


Re: Extension Idea: Shopping Lists and Notes

Unread post by kovacslt » 2016-02-08, 16:23

I see your point, and almost totally agree.
I use Denkzettel for the same purpose on my mobile, it takes pure text file notes into a selected folder.
Then Foldersync puts this to my webdav server into a folder where I store my notes.

I have found an addon called quicknote. This works with fossamail.
But I think this needs to be reworked.
Currently it supports 6 notes, every note can be assigned to a text file.
Would be nice to be able to take notes from a directory, thus it won't be limited to 6 notes only.
What do you think?

May be anyone here with the ability to develop/modify addons?