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How t pick recipients from the contact list?

Post by kovacslt » 2017-04-07, 19:44


Mostly I send e-mail to only one person, and right-click in the contact list and send e-mail works OK. Recently I needed few times to send the same mail to a dozen of people. I was looking for a way to make it more comfortable, and found there's a button "contacts" on the message compose window, if I enable it. Clicking this button, a panel appears on the left, on which I think it should be possible to search for contacts and add as to: bcc: etc easily. But this panel does nothing for me. I can select the search "in all address books", but nothing I enter in the search input field results anything...
Is this a bug, or something is wrong in my setup? (I'm on Linux mint 18.1 64 bit - Fossamail 38.2.0).
Does this panel work for anyone? (If yes, then there's something wrong in my setup)
Thanks in advance.

Laszlo Kovacs

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Re: How t pick recipients from the contact list?

Post by unknownone » 2017-04-09, 21:51

this panel works for me in FossaMail 38.1 and 38.2. I select a contact name from an address book, then with a double click or by pressing a button (add to, add to cc, add to bcc) I get the contact added to the sending list. Are you trying to do the same?
I hope this helps,


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Re: How t pick recipients from the contact list?

Post by Moonchild » 2017-04-10, 00:29

I just tested this and it works just fine. adding the button to the toolbar and clicking it opens the contacts sidebar in the message composition window, and you can search (filters the list) and then select the desired contact and then click the desired to/cc/bcc button to have the contact added in the composition header with the relevant status.
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Re: How t pick recipients from the contact list?

Post by kovacslt » 2017-04-10, 05:53

Thanks. I suspected that something has to be wrong on my side.
I use Sogo connector (31.0.3) to use my contacts at my Radicale server. First I thought there can be some problem here, but on my old 32 bit netbook with Xubuntu, which I use very seldom, everething was fine.
The difference (apart from being 64 bit vs 32 bit) was an addon, namely "Cardbook". I'm not sure when and why I installed it, but removing it solved the issue.
So the culprit was there right in front of my eyes, just didn't notice.
Thanks again