How to enable lightning/calendar in FossaMail 38+

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How to enable lightning/calendar in FossaMail 38+

Post by Moonchild » 2017-03-28, 00:41

Some people have been having trouble getting lightning/calendar to work in FossaMail 38+ after upgrading from an earlier version. This is most likely to occur when you previously imported a Thunderbird profile.
It turns out that the migration or infobar to enable the built-in lightning version does not always work as it should; apologies for that!

To enable lightning/calendar if this situation applies to you, do the following:
  1. If you still have an old version of lightning installed (no longer supported/compatible), uninstall that.
  2. Navigate to the folder where you installed FossaMail (normally C:\Program Files\FossaMail)
  3. In it, go to the folder "distribution", and in that folder, go to "extensions".
    (Please note: do NOT go directly to "extensions", go to "distribution" first).
  4. There should be a single folder there, "{e2fda1a4-762b-4020-b5ad-a41df1933103}", open it.
  5. The folder you are now in has a bunch of folders and files in it. Select all items, and add them to a zipped/compressed folder - name this zip something useful, e.g. "" and save it in an easily accessible location, like "My Documents".
  6. Rename the zip file you just created to "lightning38.xpi". Confirm that you want to change the file extension if your O.S. warns you about changing the file type.
  7. In FossaMail, go to the add-ons manager, and from the gear menu, select "install from file"
  8. Point it to the lightning38.xpi file you just created, and let it install -- Done!
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