Fossa Mail still burping error messages at me

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Fossa Mail still burping error messages at me

Post by Jay44Gee » 2017-03-22, 16:32

HELLO: I've got a little work around on SOME of my error messages. I still do not know what is causing them though. I can compose a new message and whether it has graphics attached or not - at times it will balk at me.

When it does I can eMail the message to myself with no problem. But then I have to go to my MAC and eMail the message through Thunderbird on that system.

Any way, I tried to return an eMail this morning and it balked at it. But then I find out after reading the error message that the eMail was actually sent. Something seems to still be wrong with the eMail CLIENT, OR internally in the eMail server that is causing these problems. Just wanted to inform you so see the attachments.


Re: Fossa Mail still burping error messages at me

Post by kovacslt » 2017-03-22, 20:48

Those error messages I see on your screenshot are resulted from wrong addressing.
Note, that on your second screenshot an e-mail sent to mackhig@ is to a gmail account, while in the error message it appears to be on a domain.
Are those supposed to be for the same person?