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A couple of elements untranslated to Spanish

Posted: 2021-09-17, 01:36
by MoonWalker
Two menus of bookmark tool remain untranslated. This issue affects all three Spanish packs.

Recently Bookmarked > Añadidos recientemente
Recently Tags > Etiquetas recientes

In addition, I do not know if the statement in Help/About Pale Moon remains untranslated on purpose, but there is a proposed translation if applicable.
Pale Moon es una creación de Moonchild Productions.

Agradecimientos especiales a todos nuestros colaboradores y donantes por hacer este navegador posible.

Si desea colaborar, por favor considere brindar apoyo a otros usuarios en el foro de Pale Moon o involúcrese en nuestro desarrollo al atender algunos de los problemas encontrados en nuestro issue tracker.

Re: A couple of elements untranslated to Spanish

Posted: 2021-09-17, 06:34
by Moonchild
The browser is an English language product. Language packs translate most of it but not 100% for various reasons.
If you want to help with translation, please consider joining the efforts on crowdin.

Standard bookmark folders are initialized with a specific name when initializing your profile; language packs only apply to the user interface, not data that is profile-bound.
The About box is in English by design and does not localize.