Pale Moon localization

The l10n of Pale Moon. Rawr.
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Pale Moon localization

Unread post by Moonchild » 2020-11-17, 10:35

This topic is dedicated to localization of Pale Moon, i.e. translation of browser interface from its original US-English to other languages.
These translations are made available to users through our language packs.

To accomplish this task we use collaborative platform from CrowdIn, thanks to their generosity for providing free service to Open Source projects. Please read introduction for new translators and guide for online editor to understand how it works.

As a contributor you can help in the following:
  • Suggest translations of untranslated strings
  • Suggest alternative (more suitable) translations of already translated strings(*)
  • Vote for or against the translated strings
(*) You should always vote in case you propose alternative translation, to distinguish which one is right.

When translation in a specific language has reached 100%, we need to verify all strings to finalize the work. To accomplish this task the translator who wants to verify needs to obtain special permission and must be a native or near-native speaker of the language, to avoid obscure issues with the target language that might not be obvious to a non-native. You can volunteer for this job or recommend someone among the participants.

Do not forget to take advantage of translator collaboration/discussion on specific translations; the communication with other project participants is a powerful feature to find the right answers and resolve issues. Feel free to ask any questions in comments and private messages on CrowdIn and here on forum.

The resulting language packs will be available on the official add-ons site.

New contributors are always welcomed!
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