The l10n of Pale Moon. Rawr.


Post by laozi » 2018-03-09, 13:53

I have downloaded and installed the latest version "palemoon-unstable-latest. win32. install" at this address "",
but I notice that the Fr language pack is not accepted!
Is there a procedure or a trick to put this version in French?
by the way, with this version of PaleMoon, my video problems are solved (a big thank you to @Sajadi and @janekptacijarabaci)
kind regards

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Re: palemoon-unstable-latest

Post by JustOff » 2018-03-09, 14:25

You'd better not use language packs with unstable builds, because they can become incompatible at any time. There are also beta versions of LP, but they are intended for testing translations, and also not always fit. You can, of course, change maxVersion in install.rdf right inside the XPI file, but I'd not recommend this either.


[closed] palemoon-unstable-latest

Post by laozi » 2018-03-09, 15:03

thanks to these good tips ;)
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