Pale Moon 27 localization anniversary

The l10n of Pale Moon. Rawr.
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Pale Moon 27 localization anniversary

Post by JustOff » 2017-11-07, 14:13

Today is the one year anniversary of the Pale Moon localization project based on the CrowdIn collaborative software nationalization platform.

During this year 242 volunteers from all over the world worked on translating into 38 languages. They provided a full translation for 22 of them and 18 language packs reached the production level and were posted on the official website.

I had the honor to manage this process as a localization coordinator and I want to thank all the participants for their efforts. Let's continue together to make Your browser, Your way in Your language!

And as usual: new contributors are always welcomed :wave:


Re: Pale Moon 27 localization anniversary

Post by KNTRO » 2017-11-08, 10:14

38 languages already?! Wow! :clap: I hope they all be officially available soon!

Congratulations, community! And special thanks to you, JustOff, because without your help no one else would be able to manage all localizations! ;)