about:mozilla and about:palemoon language pack error

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about:mozilla and about:palemoon language pack error

Unread postby [DarKwiN] » Wed, 30 Aug 2017, 08:49

I'm new to the forum and, in some extension, to Pale Moon, being nonetheless an early Firefox user.
I'd like to file a bug that could be in some measure linked to the known issue regarding the XML parsing error due to the v26 vs. v27 language packs.
I've got the Italian language pack installed (v27) and, while nearly everything is right, I cannot properly visualize the about:mozilla and about:palemoon pages: all i see is an XML parsing error (first thing noted is the % of %mozilla.dtd;, but I suppose the problem is elsewhere). If i disable the language pack and restart Pale Moon, everything is ok.
I'd like to contribute more in solving, but I don't know where to check to get the Italian xpi language pack fixed, despite some googling. If someone can guide me, I'd be pleased to collaborate.
Thank you.

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Re: about:mozilla and about:palemoon language pack error

Unread postby JustOff » Wed, 30 Aug 2017, 11:29

Thank you for reporting this issue. It will be resolved in the next LP update.
Here are the add-ons I made in a spare time. That was fun!

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