Note about word/grammar choice

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Note about word/grammar choice

Post by Moonchild » 2017-04-29, 10:27

If there is a choice between formal and informal, you should use the formal writing style/grammar, unless it's really considered "not in use except by royalty".

I've indicated this before.

Using formal language is never something to complain about - just because our project is a volunteer effort doesn't mean everyone involved has to talk in "street lingo". Many foreign-language/internationalized (also FOSS) programs use the more formal choice if there is one, since it is never incorrect, while using the "familiar" variant could be, depending on the situation or context. Pale Moon should be usable by people at home and in the office alike, in informal and formal situations.

Also keep in mind that professionals are involved in Pale Moon, and I greatly and equally appreciate anyone willing to help with the effort to make Pale Moon as accessible and usable as possible for all people around the world, professional or not, but the resulting language should be as broadly-acceptable as possible for the specific region it targets.
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