[eo] Esperanto translation

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[eo] Esperanto translation

Post by verdulo » 2016-02-21, 19:12

Will it be possible to add support for Esperanto language in Pale Moon 26? I've been learning it for almost a year, I previously translated some other programs, so I think I can continue translating the best browser ever! Please provide any instructions how to begin.


Re: [eo] Esperanto translation

Post by Thrawn » 2016-02-22, 04:01

If this happens, I'll flag myself as interested. I don't have much of a vocabulary in Esperanto, but I've learned the grammar rules and would be happy to take it further.


Re: [eo] Esperanto translation

Post by Reedych » 2016-08-16, 06:13

Mi povas helpi traduki.


Re: [eo] Esperanto translation

Post by etrapani » 2016-11-28, 15:23

Hi, I've just sent a pull request[1] with lots of translations (from Firefox). As soon as they add it to the repository, you can start using, testing and keep on translating it.

[1] https://github.com/MoonchildProductions ... n/pull/157

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Re: [eo] Esperanto translation

Post by JustOff » 2016-11-28, 16:09

etrapani wrote:Hi, I've just sent a pull request ...
Please start from here.
Here are the add-ons I made in a spare time. That was fun!