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incorrect dictionaries link

Posted: 2014-08-06, 08:21
by Kriton
Pminstaller 0.1.5 creates a link to /usr/share/hunspell, replacing the dictionaries folder distributed with Pale Moon. In Fedora 20, at least, this is incorrect, as dictionaries are placed in /usr/share/myspell. The installer should check if either of these folders exists, linking to the one that is found. If neither folder is found, it should keep the dictionaries folder, instead of deleting it and replacing it with a broken link.

Hunspell -D reports a whole bunch of folders in its search path, including /usr/share/hunspell. Perhaps, instead of hardwiring the above two folders into the installer, the installer should check all the folders in the hunspell search path and use the first one that is found and is non-empty.

Re: incorrect dictionaries link

Posted: 2014-08-06, 08:35
by Kriton
It turns out that for some reason /usr/share/hunspell was a bad link back to pale moon! I deleted the link and uninstalled/reinstalled Pale Moon, and the dictionaries folder was left intact, instead of creating a link.

What I mentioned about checking /usr/share/myspell and, possibly, all the folders in hunspell's search path, still stands, though.