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[IMPORTANT!] Information to include when asking for support

Posted: 2011-09-05, 23:22
by Moonchild
When you ask for support, try to give at least basic information about your setup as well, since there are many different systems out there and many different possible setups of Pale Moon.

Please provide the following important details: copy the contents of Help->Troubleshooting information... (button "Copy text to clipboard") and paste it in your post. When including this information in your forum post, please use the bulletin board's HIDE tag to prevent the post from creating a huge chunk of website space.

Also, please make a new topic if you are going to report something new or additional, this keeps things easier to find for everyone.

In addition to the information from Help -> Troubleshooting information, using the following template may help when you make a new post:

Code: Select all

Operating system:
Browser version:
32-bit or 64-bit?:
Problem URL:
Installed extensions:
Installed plugins: (about:plugins)
And of course a description of the problem you're having, in detail - steps to reproduce the problem are greatly appreciated!

  • If you get application crashes, use AppCrashView to check the details of the app crash and post them
  • If you get system crashes (blue screens), use BlueScreenView and post details
  • If you get "application not responding" hangs, use WhatIsHang and post details (use the version of WhatIsHang that matches the architecture of the version of Pale Moon you are using (32-bit or 64-bit)

In the template above, "Problem URL" and "Theme" only need to be included if applicable (theme if not the default theme). Of course you're free to use any other freeform format if you wish, too. It's merely a suggestion to make things clear without the need to have to ask for these details in a reply, but please do include as much information as you can so we don't have to ask you for it in follow-up replies.