Using MozBAckup with Pale Moon

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Using MozBAckup with Pale Moon

Postby muggle » Tue Jan 03, 2012 8:37 pm

Administrative notice: topic split off from announcement for Pale Moon 9.


I did it...!! and It worked....!!!!

My Bad...!!!
I historically never, never and never, had much success with other Firefox Builds in the past years..

So..??.. I got accustomed to using MozBackUp..with Full versions of FF....

Selecting "portable" versions in MozBackup is very different...

Launch mozback..Next.. Portable [Select]..Next...>>..>>.. ...>>..Back Up [Operation/Select]...

High lite and select Portable (2X)... Next [Click]...

...._____Here Is where Portable Differs_________...:::

Portable (2x) =...Pop-UP..>> = Desktop..!!!

...Open: User (Your-Profile-Name)..AppData..>>..Roaming..>>...Moonchild Productions...>>....Pale Moon..>>>Profile [High-lite]..OK {Click}... Next... Select Backups {Checks}...Next...Pop-up Warning =yes [Click]... Done...!!!!!

Again Thank_U..

My wish has been Granted ....Yeess...!!!


My next query is ..?..

As we all know Pale Moon 8 is way...way...Faster than FF 8.0 ..

Pale Moon 9 be faster than FF 9.0...???

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Re: Using MozBAckup with Pale Moon

Postby Moonchild » Wed Jan 04, 2012 12:42 pm

I'm working on giving Pale Moon 9 a similar speed boost - it's been problematic but given some time it will most likely all be fixed.
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