31.1.0 (WS) ?

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31.1.0 (WS) ?

Unread post by dolphin » 2022-10-17, 03:26

Upgrading a 29 version, on check for updates, it said 31.1.0 (WS) is available. What is the (WS)?

(After 31.1.0 (WS) was installed, on the next check for update, it upgraded to but I'm just curious what the WS version was as I don't remember seeing that before.)

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Re: 31.1.0 (WS) ?

Unread post by Moonchild » 2022-10-17, 08:07

"WS" stands for "Watershed".
It's a necessary intermediate upgrade step, because the update archive format has changed.

in release engineering, watershed versions are interim versions of a program to upgrade from older iterations to newer ones which aren't directly compatible with each other or which do not have a direct migration path for data. In this case the older version would not understand the new upgrade format and would not be able to upgrade directly. The watershed version though is provided in a format that the old version understands, and it in itself has the capacity to understand current upgrade formats presented by the update server.
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Re: 31.1.0 (WS) ?

Unread post by Lucio Chiappetti » 2022-12-10, 21:22

With reference to viewtopic.php?f=30&t=29181 thanks for explanation, I remembered something like this, but not the exact version numbers or the WS acronym/terminology (and I could not remember if WS appeared today, I am now at home and the thing occurred at my friend's place), nor the side effect on language pack.
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