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Pale Moon UI and Firefox

Posted: 2021-07-24, 20:58
by groucho

I'm not posting this in Browser Development because it is a field I have no experience in.
Please feel free to move it if deemed appropriate.

As a long time Firefox user, three or four years ago I came across a (to me) severe problem with the UI which made me turn to Pale Moon, my browser of choice since then.

In a nutshell: the orientation of the drop down menu (listing the bookmarks inside any folder in the toolbar) would be to the 'left' or 'right', depending on the amount of screen real estate available to the right side of the screen where it was opened.

This was quite adecquate more so if (like me) you also had numerous sub-folders.
If the listing could not be properly seen by opening the drop down menu towards the 'right', it would be opened towards the 'left'.

But at some time in Firefox's development cycle this stopped working in the described manner.

I have a three monitor setup and from that release onwards Firefox ignored the right edge of the centre screen and the result was that the drop down menu for any folder in the toolbar will always open to the 'right' and invade the right screen.

Fortunately, Palemoon's UI did not/does not do that.

I have recently needed to install Firefox on a friend's box (he insisted) and found that there has been a major change in the UI: the browser.tabs.onTop option is no longer available and adding it to about:config and setting it to false does not work as it did before.

I understand that Pale Moon is developed from source code forked from Firefox/Mozilla code and I was wondering about what direction Pale Moon will take with respect to these changes in the Firefox/Mozilla UI.

ie: can they be avoided?

Thanks in advance,


Re: Pale Moon UI and Firefox

Posted: 2021-07-24, 21:10
by ron_1
Pale Moon is a hard fork of Firefox. There isn't any new mozilla code that will find its way into PM. It's been this way for quite a while now.

Re: Pale Moon UI and Firefox

Posted: 2021-07-24, 22:23
by groucho
ron_1 wrote:
2021-07-24, 21:10
Pale Moon is a hard fork ...
... isn't any new mozilla code that will find its way into PM.
Thank you very much for your prompt reply.
Very happy to know that the code that originated the changes in UI I made reference to earlier will not be part of Palemoon.