Anyone else getting this? Is it DRM?

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Re: Anyone else getting this? Is it DRM?

Post by basicuser » 2019-11-22, 18:51

A couple days late but...

Loads fine with MSE for WebM video enabled but gives restricted TV-14 message if disabled. (Under Preferences > Content > Video)

PM 28.7.2 on Mint19.2 Cinnamon on thumb drive.
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Re: Anyone else getting this? Is it DRM?

Post by coffeebreak » 2019-11-22, 20:03

basicuser wrote:
2019-11-22, 18:51
Loads fine with MSE for WebM video enabled
When I enable MSE for WebM I still get the age-restricted message.
(PM 28.7.2, Win 7 x86)

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Re: Anyone else getting this? Is it DRM?

Post by cartel » 2019-11-25, 06:26

New Tobin Paradigm wrote:
2019-11-20, 07:25
Makes sense that they would start using Widevine for their movie rentals.. Given MSE's audio and video splitting isn't any kind of barrier against downloads to the point of it being one touch now especially with the right extension or web service. That and Google spent a lot of money not only buying Widevine but also to push EME and crush Adobe Primetime so they could monopolize it on every level.

Browser (Google Chrome), Standard (pushed by Google), service (YouTube is owned by Google), technology (Widevine is owned by Google), you.. You are also owned by Google or will be shortly.

Still, I blame the users of all or any of those plus all the intellectual property thieves who were in those Youtube downloader threads. You ALL did this and are ALL responsible. Even my self. I also share in the responsibility.

The real question is.. What are ANY of us gonna do about it? Hmm?
Thanks for the reply.
I guess all those millions are wasted by google though because I can open Windows Media Encoder (version 10) and record the video and the audio with screen capture....oh well.


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