Site problems cured after full uninstall & reinstall

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Site problems cured after full uninstall & reinstall

Unread post by JK9977 » 2019-08-25, 10:44

I had been having problems with many sites not working properly, when using 28.6.0 and 28.6.1 x64 on Windows 10 x64, including . Problems were typically links or buttons not responding to clicks, and in Google maps, the directions panel would not go to the side.

Eventually I found that a complete uninstall, including all 'Moonchild Productions' directories & files under the AppData tree, followed by a re-install, cured all the problems.

It's now useable again! :)

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Re: Site problems cured after full uninstall & reinstall

Unread post by Moonchild » 2019-08-25, 11:03

Thanks for sharing?
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