[solved] how to delete a created about:config string?

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[solved] how to delete a created about:config string?

Post by Weather » 2019-08-16, 23:41

I created a string in about:config section "general.useragent.override.gosuslgi.com".

I can`t remove it back: there is no such a point in context menu and the delete button does nothing.

Ho do I delete it?
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Re: how to delete a created about:config string?

Post by Frasier » 2019-08-16, 23:53

Highlight the 'general.useragent' line you want to delete. From the right-click menu select 'reset', close 'about:config', restart Pale Moon.

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Re: [solved] how to delete a created about:config string?

Post by Moonchild » 2019-08-17, 14:52

Restarting Pale Moon isn't necessary. Any changes to the general.useragent.override.* prefs will take effect immediately.

For technical reasons, the display of a removed pref in the list will be a blank string until the page is closed; closing the page and re-opening it will show that it's really gone.
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