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Pale Moon very suddenly closes (Windows 10 & Pale Moon fully updated)

Posted: 2019-06-24, 18:45
by ThinkingMonkey
Hi all,

Although I saw many posts about crashes for various reasons posted here, I wanted to post this separately so as not to just me saying "me too" on someone else's post.

Just now, starting about 15 minutes ago, Pale Moon has suddenly closed 3 times with no warning whatsoever. No freezing, no error messages, no error messages from Windows that an application had failed, nothing. Just closed exactly as if you closed it with the Close button (big white X).

I checked that Windows and Pale Moon are fully updated and they are. I have not added any extensions or add-ons and the current Pale Moon instance that I have is a new download and install. The Windows 10 is also a fresh install and the previous one, which was about two years old and was beginning to show quirky behavior occasionally, had Pale Moon installed which I had used for months and never once, ever, did this error happen.

The main reason I'm posting is that I have no idea where to look for Pale Moon error logs or anything that I may post here to give someone an idea of what the situation is that is causing this.

So for starters, that's where I stand with this problem, Pale Moon is just closing unexpectedly for no reason I can currently ascertain.


Re: Pale Moon very suddenly closes (Windows 10 & Pale Moon fully updated)

Posted: 2019-06-25, 10:59
by Moonchild
Just closing like that without an error message or crash window is called "Crash to desktop" or CTD for short. Unfortunately they are notoriously difficult to troubleshoot, and will require some way to reproduce reliably to know where to begin looking.

Are there any specific actions you performed when it closed? Any specific page you visited? What were you doing at the time?

Also, please include the output of Help -> troubleshooting information (use "copy text to clipboard" button) so we know your environment and prefs/extensions.