Problem with German (Deutsche) Telekom VideoIdent

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Problem with German (Deutsche) Telekom VideoIdent

Post by JoeyG » 2019-06-23, 11:34

I bought a Deutche Telekom prepaid SIM card for my tablet. It has to be activated. The online activation process uses a tool called "Video-Ident".

I'm assuming it's this service:

In any case, I wasn't able to do it. I'm not quite sure, though, where the problem - in the Video-Ident itself or in the programming of the Telekom website. In any case, the problem occurred both with PM and Basilisk.

First of all, I'm using Win 7 Pro x64 with all the latest updates and the latest versions of the browsers. I also had my webcam plugged in and checked it was working. Also, I turned off the various ad and script blockers that I use. I confess, though, that I didn't try it with a new profile.

This is the site in question (though I was using the German version): ... ktivierung

By the way, the service is only open Mon-Sat from 7am till 11pm (local time in Germany).

So what happened?

I was able to enter all the data in the pages as requested and got to the stage where it says "Begin the Video-Ident process". I then clicked the button to proceed.

A pop-up opened containing text at the top that said, "Let's get started" or something similar.

It's at this point the problem occurred: For a second or two, I was able to see some text ("Please enter your name in the box" or something similar) and the box in which I was supposed to enter my name. There was also a check box to verify that I'm me or whatever.

After one or two seconds, though, the text disappeared, and it was, of course, impossible to proceed.
My question is whether anyone has successfully used the "Video-Ident" process with PM or Basilisk.

Bye-bye Firefox.
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