Unable to import bookmarks from html or json

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Unable to import bookmarks from html or json

Unread post by rmchavin » 2019-06-20, 05:51

When I installed my very first Pale Moon browser (28.2.2) several months ago, I was able to very easily import all Chrome bookmarks, all Internet Explorer bookmarks, and all Firefox bookmarks as HTML files with no difficulty. Today, the situation has changed dramatically. All of my other browsers can still import and export bookmarks as HTML files very easily. However, my Pale Moon browser can't import any bookmarks from any browsers any longer. THIS IS THE FIRST MAJOR GLITCH OF PALE MOON BROWSER. I've tried uninstalling then reinstalling with modern versions or extremely ancient versions (including 28.2.2 and 24.1) of Pale Moon but the result was exactly the same. No bookmarks can be imported into Pale Moon browser from any HTML or JSON.

I believe the criminals are the real cause of this intentional glitch. Strangely enough, my Firefox browser can easily import the bookmarks from the HTML file that was created by my Pale Moon browser! Here's what eventually worked for me, that is, after about 30 failed attempts to import bookmarks into Pale Moon.

I deleted the new Pale Moon icon, which give the criminals access to Pale Moon (look under Properties >> Security >> Advanced). I copied and pasted a very old Pale Moon icon which I had stored in an external hard drive. I entered that old icon into my Quick Launch/Taskbar. I then succeeded - but just barely, it was a cliffhanger - to import the Pale Moon bookmarks (as HTML file), which I had stored in that same external hard drive. I did NOT use the Pale Moon bookmarks HTML file that I had stored on my Desktop. My Pale Moon JSON files will still always fail, no matter what I do or no matter which JSON file I use, so don't use JSON with Pale Moon. My Chrome bookmarks (as HTML file) also imported successfully - but just barely, it was a cliffhanger - into my Pale Moon 28.5.2.

There is also confusion over 32-bit versus 64-bit. Our computers are 64-bit but Pale Moon is 32-bit.

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Re: Unable to import bookmarks from html or json

Unread post by therube » 2019-06-20, 16:19

As a test, create a new, clean Profile.
Open it up.
Attempt to import your bookmarks.

Does that work?

What OS?
Seem to recall that on Mac certain browsers would add fields/content that were not agreeable (was it <H3 FOLDED> ?) when importing in certain other browsers.

You've got me on that criminal bit - can't check 28 presently.

How does an import work, "barely"?
Is there something that tells you it barely worked, or just what do you look for?

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Re: Unable to import bookmarks from html or json

Unread post by Tomaso » 2019-06-20, 18:12

Importing bookmarks works..
You'll just have to the give the process enough time to finnish.
This is due to a very old Mozilla bug, which has been discussed here in the forum many times.

You'll find the bug report here:

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