Not printing graphics

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Not printing graphics

Unread post by GMugford » 2018-10-16, 12:11

I am having an issue with Pale Moon not printing graphics when I print a page. For instance: ... tion.html
When I print preview this page, or then print, the page comes up minus all the card symbols. Indeed, the BIG images reduce to small icon place-holders. The smaller gifs that come from a sub-folder called graphics just disappear completely. i.e.

Code: Select all

<img src="/graphics/s.gif" alt="" width="13" height="11" />

When I open the page in Google Chrome and print, everything is there.

I did check my options in print preview and in Page Setup's Format & Options, the options to Print Background (colors & images) IS checked ON.

The example is not the only site that this happens on. Indeed, I couldn't find a site where graphic card symbols DID print. So, I've set something wrong. What? Is it possible I can set up a similar sub-folder somewhere with the graphics and resolve the issue THAT way?

Thanks in advance for your help, GM

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