Doesn't work (crashed)

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Re: Doesn't work (crashed)

Unread post by Moonchild » 2024-05-09, 11:13

motoprogger wrote:
2024-05-09, 03:59
Moonchild wrote:
2024-05-05, 17:01
Not sure what you are asking. If you're asking us to use V8/Blink, then the answer is "no". If you're asking us to work on solving web compatibilities by implementing new things Chrome introduces, then the answer is "what do you think we've been doing for years now?" (i.e.: yes, we're working on it).
A browser not rendering the page correctly is somewhat different from browser that is easy to crash unintentionally with ordinary web content. The first problem is reasonably explained by the websites not following the standards, the second one is purely browser-caused.
You're absolutely right in that - which is why crashes tend to get higher priority; the issue here is that analysing WHY it crashes is made extremely difficult because of the site's apparent abuse of some of the most complex specifications (from an implementation perspective) out there. Indirectly it's caused by draft "standards" causing this needed complexity in a browser and making it less stable due to the need for asynchronous operations everywhere. Sure, we could avoid potential crashes by simply not implementing it, but then we'd be standing still and having a lot more websites simply not work.

As for this particular crash, I'm not sure where to even begin - the call stacks are all over the place meaning it's something timing-related and it's not clear at this point which of the millions of bytes of minified JS is triggering it. While we try to figure that out, your workaround would be to use a different browser in the interim.
ordinary web content
One can ask oneself if what vk does is "ordinary web content" - I'd say it isn't.

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Re: Doesn't work (crashed)

Unread post by pvgoran » 2024-05-22, 11:27

I was just hit by this issue. Spent half a day upgrading the browser, disabling extensions one by one and things like this, only to find out that crashes PaleMoon even in a fresh profile, with all plug-ins disabled, without login, and even in safe mode. :)

Some additional information, which may or may not be useful: depending on enabled extensions, the browser can crash on the first attempt to open the site (at least with a login), or on subsequent attempts (close tab - open new tab - open - repeat if no crash). In any case, I can reliably trigger a crash by repeatedly closing the tab and re-opening in a new tab, all within the same browsing session (without clearing cache and such), usually within 2-3 cycles.

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Knows the dark side
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Re: Doesn't work (crashed)

Unread post by moonbat » 2024-05-22, 12:35

Confirmed - VK crashes on Linux on the blank profile I keep for website testing. Froze the browser window for several seconds, after which it disappeared.

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Re: Doesn't work (crashed)

Unread post by dbsoft » 2024-05-22, 18:34

Try disabling WebAssembly (WASM) under Preferences -> Content -> General -> JavaScript

(Might require a restart after disabling)

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Re: Doesn't work (crashed)

Unread post by _yuyu_ » 2024-05-22, 20:26

dbsoft wrote:
2024-05-22, 18:34
Try disabling WebAssembly (WASM) under Preferences -> Content -> General -> JavaScript
It worked.
PS. No... After restarting the browser it still crashes.

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Project Contributor
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Re: Doesn't work (crashed)

Unread post by dbsoft » 2024-05-22, 22:49

Ok, it is near some special case for WASM and I wasn't able to reproduce with WASM off and on ARM which doesn't support WASM. I'll try to look into it later tonight.

Edit: Looks like it is a use after free: Address Sanitizer Error: Use of deallocated memory

Code: Select all

    js::Scope* getScope(size_t index) const {
        js::ScopeArray* array = scopes();
        MOZ_ASSERT(index < array->length);
>       return array->vector[index];

Code: Select all

[External Code]
mozjs.dll!JSScript::getScope(unsigned __int64 index) Line 1893
	at c:\Work\PaleMoon\White-Star\platform\js\src\jsscript.h(1893)
mozjs.dll!JSScript::bodyScope() Line 1706
	at c:\Work\PaleMoon\White-Star\platform\js\src\jsscript.h(1706)
mozjs.dll!JSScript::functionNonDelazifying() Line 1618
	at c:\Work\PaleMoon\White-Star\platform\js\src\jsscript.h(1618)
mozjs.dll!js::InterpreterFrame::isFunctionFrame() Line 445
	at c:\Work\PaleMoon\White-Star\platform\js\src\vm\Stack.h(445)
mozjs.dll!js::InterpreterFrame::hasArgs() Line 501
	at c:\Work\PaleMoon\White-Star\platform\js\src\vm\Stack.h(501)
mozjs.dll!js::InterpreterFrame::trace(JSTracer * trc, JS::Value * sp, unsigned char * pc) Line 366
	at c:\Work\PaleMoon\White-Star\platform\js\src\vm\Stack.cpp(366)
mozjs.dll!MarkInterpreterActivation(JSTracer * trc, js::InterpreterActivation * act) Line 419
	at c:\Work\PaleMoon\White-Star\platform\js\src\vm\Stack.cpp(419)
mozjs.dll!js::MarkInterpreterActivations(JSRuntime * rt, JSTracer * trc) Line 429
	at c:\Work\PaleMoon\White-Star\platform\js\src\vm\Stack.cpp(429)
mozjs.dll!js::gc::GCRuntime::traceRuntimeCommon(JSTracer * trc, js::gc::GCRuntime::TraceOrMarkRuntime traceOrMark, js::AutoLockForExclusiveAccess & lock) Line 330
	at c:\Work\PaleMoon\White-Star\platform\js\src\gc\RootMarking.cpp(330)
mozjs.dll!js::gc::GCRuntime::traceRuntimeForMinorGC(JSTracer * trc, js::AutoLockForExclusiveAccess & lock) Line 285
	at c:\Work\PaleMoon\White-Star\platform\js\src\gc\RootMarking.cpp(285)
mozjs.dll!js::Nursery::doCollection(JSRuntime * rt, JS::gcreason::Reason reason, js::gc::TenureCountCache & tenureCounts) Line 634
	at c:\Work\PaleMoon\White-Star\platform\js\src\gc\Nursery.cpp(634)
mozjs.dll!js::Nursery::collect(JSRuntime * rt, JS::gcreason::Reason reason) Line 524
	at c:\Work\PaleMoon\White-Star\platform\js\src\gc\Nursery.cpp(524)
mozjs.dll!js::gc::GCRuntime::minorGC(JS::gcreason::Reason reason, js::gcstats::Phase phase) Line 6084
	at c:\Work\PaleMoon\White-Star\platform\js\src\jsgc.cpp(6084)
mozjs.dll!js::gc::GCRuntime::gcIfRequested() Line 6122
	at c:\Work\PaleMoon\White-Star\platform\js\src\jsgc.cpp(6122)
mozjs.dll!InvokeInterruptCallback(JSContext * cx) Line 527
	at c:\Work\PaleMoon\White-Star\platform\js\src\vm\Runtime.cpp(527)
mozjs.dll!JSRuntime::handleInterrupt(JSContext * cx) Line 615
	at c:\Work\PaleMoon\White-Star\platform\js\src\vm\Runtime.cpp(615)
mozjs.dll!js::CheckForInterrupt(JSContext * cx) Line 746
	at c:\Work\PaleMoon\White-Star\platform\js\src\jscntxt.h(746)
mozjs.dll!js::jit::InterruptCheck(JSContext * cx) Line 459
	at c:\Work\PaleMoon\White-Star\platform\js\src\jit\VMFunctions.cpp(459)
[External Code]

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