32.2.0 Crash on MP4 in Windows 7

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Knows the dark side
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Re: 32.2.0 Crash on MP4 in Windows 7

Unread post by moonbat » 2023-05-24, 01:05

andyprough wrote:
2023-05-24, 00:57
, and malware block lists similar to uBlock, among other things.
Which is why you look at the logs to see what was blocked, and unblock one by one & refresh the page to see if it fixes the problem. Then make an exception for that one item. It's how you troubleshoot any adblocker instead of blanket disabling it for that one site. Always pays to learn how these things work. For example, I have made global exceptions for embedded tweets or instagram posts so that I don't have to turn them on for every site that has them.
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Re: 32.2.0 Crash on MP4 in Windows 7

Unread post by Shadow » 2023-05-24, 11:29

From the NoScript dev...
The wording here ("Deprecated, obsolete and unsupported") says it all, I think.

I've got no resources to work on that code-base anymore, therefore it might or might not be unsafe to use and I couldn't even tell it.

Classic is as is forever unless some guru comes along and forks it or something.

I have gone ahead and unchecked clearclick, xss, and abe because I just decided too. I doubt they were doing much of anything anyway. Clearclick rarely showed and when it did it always got in the way like a false positive. Xss I haven't seen it nag in forever. Abe, don't really know what it does, maybe nagged once or twice in many years. I also changed entry noscript.injectionCheck to 0. I'm also thinking entry noscript.surrogate.enabled should be set to false as it looks old for present net but not sure entirely. Ghacks has an article on it.

I just thought I'd put out what I changed there. I guess I wanted to make it less advanced and more basic in hopes it helps plus the feeling it wasn't doing much.

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