latest update won't store passwords

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latest update won't store passwords

Unread post by slavetocoffee2 » 2022-08-07, 21:27

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Just got the latest update today. No passwords were retained (although the .json file looks intact). Tried all the listed tricks (e.g, clearing cache) but nothing works. Pale Moon asks if I want to store the password, but doesn't actually store the password even though it's allowed to do so both generally and for specific websites. Also, it won't create a new .json file if I rename or move the old one (and yes, it's running as an administrator). I don't see a solution on this forum for the very latest update, only for older ones (e.g., going into about:config and resetting an old value which no longer exists in this update). Any ideas?

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Re: latest update won't store passwords

Unread post by Moonchild » 2022-08-08, 19:25

slavetocoffee2 wrote:
2022-08-07, 21:27
Just got the latest update today.
Which version did you update from?

Also, please provide the troubleshooting information asked for.
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