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NoSquint - Other Features

Unread post by VLMin » 2021-12-04, 07:31

I realize that the recent failure of NoSquint has been discussed at length, and I do not intend to rehash any of the discussions regarding zoom features. Some things PM can do, and some not.

However, NoSquint also provided two non-zoom-related features that I have not seen discussed, and I wonder whether there might be workarounds. Specifically, NoSquint made it possible to choose the font and background colors (separately), both for sites and globally. In particular, the ability to darken/blacken all these faddish light gray fonts was most helpful to me and I believe to many others. Is this functionality available, even if in a limited way, by some other means?

Thank you.

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Re: NoSquint - Other Features

Unread post by Moonchild » 2021-12-04, 07:46

Just stop.
This isn't even something that belongs in this board, for starters. And there's no point in creating yet another nosquint thread when its already been discussed at length as you say. You're not a newbie here, you know better.
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