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Re: Pale Moon can't load Google Sheets

Unread post by back2themoon » 2021-04-27, 16:51

SenDion wrote:
2021-04-27, 06:50
Is there anything better?
I'll share my current 'solution'. Install the "Open With" extension on both Pale Moon and Firefox, so you can very quickly send links/open pages and switch between them.

Note that due to the known limits of WebExtensions, you will actually have to install extra software (Python) for the FF version of OpenWith to work (after that, it works as expected).

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Pale Moon can't load Google Sheets

Unread post by SenDion » 2021-11-26, 07:07

Update on the problem:

You don't have to do anything special. Google Sheets started to load after the problem has been addressed on the server end (around May-Jul, 2021).