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Latest Update leaves hanging string along my screen's bottom

Posted: 2015-07-29, 11:45
by Dream Cortex

Upon browser restart, once the new 29 July 2015 Update was installed, Pale Moon came back with a strange red alphanumeric string along the bottom of my screen. It takes up way too much real estate of my screen. I'm considering rolling back the latest update just so I can reacquire my screen to its full use. (The glitch diminishes the size of videos I wish to stream.)

I'm sure someone versed in computers could fix this in a red hot minute, but I claim no such talent, myself. I've had a look at my AdBlockPlus add-on and I can't find any clue there to how to make this glitch disappear. I disabled the status bar but the red string -- which appeared below the status bar -- remains.

I'm hoping someone's willing to provide a description of how I might amend this -- a step-by-step how-to would be gratefully appreciated. I simply have no nous when it come to computers, but I want to persist with Pale Moon because it answers all my needs, and I've been trying to spread the word about it.

I have Win 7 on a 64-bit PC, 8 Gig RAM, only dual-core; Pale Moon Version 25.6.0 (x86) [I thought I'd selected a 64-bit version --- dunno why it's x86] Processor = AMD A10-5700 APU with Radeon HD Graphics @ 3.40 GHz.

I've restarted the PC and the glitch returned as before.

I'll provide a screen-grab of the offending glitch, in the hope that's enough of a clue for someone who knows how to decode these things.

Any help would be lovingly appreciated!! I don't want to roll back Pale Moon. I'm chuffed with its useability and performance, and want to keep it as my default browser.

Thank you for any help,
--Dream Cortex

Re: Latest Update leaves hanging string along my screen's bo

Posted: 2015-07-29, 15:31
by Moonchild
AdBlock Plus is not compatible with Pale Moon.
Please uninstall it, and use Adblock Latitude instead: