Possible Memory leak

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Re: Possible Memory leak

Post by doofy » 2019-11-24, 23:58

The Aussie wrote:
2019-11-24, 23:20
I have this same problem on Win 7 32bit, when I first started to use PM about 12 months ago it seemed ok then after an update memory use went thru the roof, am currently on 28.7.1 and scared to update further in case it gets worse, how do you create the script you mentioned, here is a screen shot from task manager showing PM maxing out my memory
Memory usage went up a bit with PM28, but hasn't changed since.
Basic housekeeping: close the browser daily, run Lull the Tabs, don't keep too many tabs open especially if they are resource intensive.

1GB of ram is not "through the roof" - even your screencap suggests it is only 71%.
If you were running ff or chrome it could easily be 3 or 4 times that.

Here, the interesting number in your screencap is CPU. You need to be doing something silly to push PM's CPU usage to 53%.
If you don't reckon you are doing something silly, then get a PM portable and compare performance side by side.

It's possible you have borked your profile.

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The Aussie
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Re: Possible Memory leak

Post by The Aussie » 2019-11-26, 00:16

I have no idea what you mean by borking my profile.
Even at my age I am rather computer savvy but you may try using terms that the rest of us understand, the reason for using PM was most mainstream browsers have become so large and resource hungry I was constantly looking for smaller and smaller browser footprints and found PM to be the one.

At the beginning I found PM up to the task and usually only have two tabs open, one for email and one for facebook, viewing videos on facebook was now a thing that I could do, but now after opening a new version of PM i get to view one video before have to close PM and reboot it where it will be 250,000k and quickly creeps to a gig, only having 2 gig total memory I am left with less than a gig on machine startup, it is an older laptop.

In a previous post someone said create a filter for hello goodbye, but no instructions on how to create this said filter, I would like to try this but in the interim will test the portable PM.

I have used opera, mozilla, seamonkey, Midori, SlimBrowser, and a heap more, all became very resource hungry till I found PM which is now chewing up my memory and becoming a pain, so help other than saying Im Borking would be very helpful, thanks

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Re: Possible Memory leak

Post by Konrad » 2019-11-26, 04:14

The Aussie wrote:
2019-11-26, 00:16
In a previous post someone said create a filter for hello goodbye, but no instructions on how to create this said filter...
This is a filter for uBlock Origin, just click on SELECT ALL, copy and paste it in the My filter section of uBlock Origin.

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